Can a vegan diet cause depression

By | July 30, 2020

can a vegan diet cause depression

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When I told my parents nearly seven years ago that I had decided to adopt a vegan diet, the declaration instigated an argument that ultimately ended in a vow from me. I still remember the haughtiness that flashed through me as I appeased them. I was several weeks into my new lifestyle and feeling so energized—so well —that I couldn’t imagine this hypothetical dilemma ever crossing into reality. For the first time in three brutal years, I finally felt empowered rather than controlled by food. My parents weren’t wrong to be concerned. I was in tentative recovery from my eating disorder at the time, and any kind of restrictive diet was bound to raise red flags. But veganism would ultimately become the first life raft I found during that impossible chapter in my life, as it taught me to listen to my body and find gratitude in the food I was consuming. With every nourishing meal—crafted around seasonal produce sourced from my local farmers market—I realized I was piecing myself back together. Over the next several years, I’d come to use the terminology “plant-based” instead of “vegan. I climbed out of recovery into a mostly comfortable remission.

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Switching to a vegan diet has gained some serious popularity in recent years, thanks in part to a growing desire to achieve environmental sustainability. Removing all animal products from your diet can leave you facing nutritional challenges you might not have thought twice about before – a conscious need to ensure a healthy intake of iron and Vitamin B12, being just some of the important considerations. But, as with everything, there are many reported benefits to a plant-based diet, too. One such benefit, according to the founder of Nosh Detox, nutritionist Geeta Sidhu-Robb, can be the impact being vegan has on your mood. Here are four ways your mood may be affected by a vegan diet. Research published in the Nutritional Journal has suggested that vegetarians may be happier than their meat-eating counterparts. And why could this be the case? With a vegan diet, you will be consuming a higher level of vitamins and nutrients than you would with a meat eating diet, which, Geeta explained, will help combat illnesses and disease.

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