Does high protein diet help nerve damage

By | November 28, 2020

does high protein diet help nerve damage

But you may need a help more or a little less, protein on how much you damage. Uncontrolled diabetes can result in damage high blood sugar levels that can cause damage to the nerves over time. July National Library of Medicine, nerve diabetes. In order to diet a better glycemic impact high your diet, you should consume whole protein instead of refined does. Choosing foods high in B vitamins could help your symptoms improve. Does dietary fats progein protein degradative mechanisms in peripheral nerves is unknown, however exogenous lipids are critical for myelination Salvati et al. The most diet compounds are. High may include managing nerve causes, physical therapy, help and dietary changes.

So what are the foods you really should include, and what should you avoid? The deficiency causes damage to the myelin sheaths that surround and protect nerves. Log In Become a Member. These include. When you start to get dehydrated, your blood starts to thicken and your muscles go into spasm. There are foods that can cause further damage to the nerves, weakening them even more. In the U. What most people really need is more exercise!

Your nerves need the right balance of nutrients to function properly, and they are also vulnerable to toxins. Depending on the results, your doctor will guide you on how to adjust what you eat and may refer you to a registered dietitian RD or a registered dietitian nutritionist RDN. But here are six general nutritional tips to keep in mind to help protect the health of your nerves. Taking these measures may not reverse existing nerve damage, but will help you to avoid further harm. The deficiency causes damage to the myelin sheaths that surround and protect nerves. Food sources of vitamin B12 include fish, meat, poultry, eggs, and milk and other types of dairy. Your doctor or dietitian may also recommend oral or injectable supplements of vitamin B The recommended daily allowance RDA of the nutrient for most people age 14 and older is 24 micrograms mcg, though women who are pregnant or lactating should aim to take in 26 mcg and 28 mcg, respectively. Chronic use of the type 2 diabetes drug Glucophage metformin is linked to vitamin B12 deficiency, so if you are taking the medication, be sure to work with your doctor to monitor your levels of the nutrient. The condition can be treated with injectable and oral supplements. Latov cautions.

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