Gestational diabetes… cheating on the diet

By | September 30, 2020

gestational diabetes... cheating on the diet

Sadly, few healthcare professionals have fully investigated the details and trimester. I was diagnosed with gestational. . Gestational diabetes health pregnancy.

I flunked the test but haven’t seen the dietitian yet. It seems like everything I eat, I wonder if it is allowed, and although I am now not eating so many sweets, it’s hard not to and I wonder if anyone has cheated on their g. If you look at the dinner posts a lot of the women cheat. I drink soda, eat cakes, lots of milk with cereal but I always make sure to do it at the right moments when I know my numbers are usually a lot lower, like around lunch time. I’m scared to make my baby too big. I’ve lost 10 lbs. I do have the occasional indulgences when I know I’m doing great, but by that I mean 1 healthy cookie or a small cup of frozen yogurt. I haven’t had a soda or juice since starting the diet and very small amounts of healthy carbs. As long as you’re staying under , you’re fine. My doctor knows because my baby gains weight too fast when I do. In a lot of pregnancies the farther along you are, the harder it is to control.

In other words, take your slip up and turn it into a teaching moment. Ask yourself what happened. Life happens and pregnancy hormones causing all sorts of emotions do not help. Life will throw curve balls at us all the time, so the best thing to do is be prepared. If you rely on food for comfort then work out what things you can eat as a stress relief treat which will not spike your blood sugar levels. OR, even better, find alternative means of stress relief… Take a candle lit bath, let your partner give you a massage or book a professional one if your partner is causing the stress! Take some time out for you! If you over restrict yourself then you can quickly feel deprived and depressed and it is only a matter of time before you crack. Check out our dietary advice which can be found here. As long as you follow the 8 golden rules then you should be able to eat a wide variety of foods and we can help you find alternatives to most things you are craving.

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