Low carb diets liver spots

By | October 25, 2020

low carb diets liver spots

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New information on how a low-carbohydrate diet improves metabolism has been published in the journal Cell Metabolism. The findings could lead to improved treatments of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. A Swedish research team in collaboration with international partners recruited obese subjects with a high fat content in their livers and placed them on a two-week diet specifically designed to examine the effects of reducing carbohydrate intake without reducing the number of calories. The study team, which included researchers from SciLifeLab at the Royal Institute of Technology KTH, analyzed clinical data and other large datasets to examine how the diet affected metabolism and intestinal bacteria. By using this approach, the researchers were able to identify possible explanations for why the subjects showed rapid and dramatic reductions in liver fat and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The researchers found that the metabolism of dangerous liver fats was strongly linked to rapid increases in B-vitamins and bacteria that produce folic acid. The diet also had an effect on gene expression that was beneficial for the subjects. According to the researchers, it is important to emphasize that this type of diet does not necessarily suit everyone. For example, people suffering from hypercholesterolemia, with high blood cholesterol levels, should be cautious. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease NAFLD is a consequence of obesity experienced by about 70 percent of all individuals with a body mass index BMI above

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The following is a guest post by Ann Fernholm, author, science journalist and PhD in molecular biotechnology. She is the founder of the not-for-profit Dietary Science Foundation. Approximately 25 percent of adults in the Western world have fatty liver and are thus at an increased risk of developing cirrhosis, liver cancer, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Fatty liver is considered a chronic disease, but researchers at the University of Gothenburg have now proven that it is possible to get rid of the liver fat in just two weeks. The medication is called: a strict low carb or keto diet. Fatty liver — what is that? In earlier decades, fatty liver was mostly associated with alcoholism, but in the footprints of the obesity epidemic, the frequency of the disease has sky rocketed. A fatty liver also increases the risk of developing cirrhosis, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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