Overdose on diet pills

By | November 20, 2020

overdose on diet pills

The parents of a woman who overdosed on diet pills have rejected a coroner’s finding of suicide. Worcestershire coroner Geraint Williams concluded Ms Shipsey intended to take her own life and would have died regardless of medical failings. But her father Doug said her death “was a miscalculation, a huge mistake. It was another cry for help”. The inquest, which concluded on Wednesday, heard how Ms Shipsey had ongoing treatment for mental health issues, but was “not considered a suicide risk”, despite previously taking 14 overdoses. Speaking on the Victoria Derbyshire show on the anniversary of their daughter’s death, Carole and Doug Shipsey said they were “disappointed in the verdict” of suicide. But they “became irrelevant” as “evidence suggests she would have died anyway”, he said. Mrs Shipsey disagreed and said she believed her daughter would have survived if she had received care earlier.

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