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This entry seeks to distinguish sharing from other transfers, such as alms- and gift-giving, resource pooling, and redistribution.

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How, in such contexts, do people navigate fragile relationships of trust and claim access to resources and authority.

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Diana ux Shared ExperienceSocial Informatics 3 Elevators as a Anthro Car Experience While we may not really consider elevators as a a href"https:kimbala. eugroupsexbitten-scenes. php"Bitten Scenesa place, there is a sense of togetherness that occurs when you enter into that shared experince together. This includes things such as holding the door open for someone, pushing a button for Anthro Car floor that someone needs, or even entering and exiting together. The hotel for IA Summit this year Anthro Car provided an entirely new take on elevator access that goes beyond just the interesting new interface as the Anthro Car has affected the social aspects as well.

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