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Implantable Hydrogel Helps Neurons Recover After Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) often lead to cognitive disabilities and permanent neural tissue damage, for which effective therapies do not exist. The serious cognitive impairments that patients experience and the burden on caretakers can be enormous, necessitating a constant search for treatments that may help. Researchers at University of Georgia have now reported in journal… Read More »

Is the ketogenic diet good for the brain

It needs to be 1g per 1kg of weight, not as this article suggests. I find it harder to over-eat the chicken wings that I can with pizza. Now I started eating out of control. Journal of Cerebral Blood flow and Metabolism Inverse relationship between brain glucose and ketone metabolism in adults during short-term moderate… Read More »

Foods diet brain fog

Heavy metals may be to blame. Search translation missing: en. Carnosic acid is also found in sage and in small amounts in other foods. A study from the University of Fog Australia found that people who ate chocolate at least once a week showed better memory, organization, and abstract reasoning. Studies show that people brain… Read More »

Vegetarian diet brain health

What do we actually know about vegan diets and mental health? Instead, they need to be taken individually. Key, T. Obesity as a trigger for vascular dementia decreases blood supply to the brain and increases fat cells that damage brain matter, leading to loss of cognitive and intellectual function. Effects of resveratrol on memory performance,… Read More »