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How does veganism diet effect the human body?

However, future studies incorporating larger sample sizes and a uniform analysis approach of microbial features need to further confirm the hypothesis that a plant-based diet ameliorates microbial diversity and health-related bacteria species. Probst, Y. What just happened: an intimate look at the US election — Oxford, Oxfordshire. Comparative metabolomics in vegans and omnivores reveal constraints… Read More »

How does gluten affect keto diet

By Shaun Wong. We normally equate someone who is dieting to someone who wants to lose weight and restricts their food intake to achieve a desired outcome, for example to prevent certain diseases or deal with obesity. For many reasons, the purpose of dieting has evolved. Currently there are many popular diet plans available, such… Read More »

What does a wolf diet consist of

Wolves Canis Lupus, are related to dogs, or more rightly, dogs are actually related to wolves. Wolves and dogs are quite similar in many ways, however, in most cases, wolves are larger animals. Wolves generally have longer legs than dogs. It is difficult to imagine, however, everything from a pug dog to a doberman comes… Read More »

Does keto diet help with hormone balance

The keto diet started as a medical plan. It was meant to reduce epilepsy symptoms in children afflicted with the condition. But since its introduction in the early 20th century, multiple studies have found far-reaching impacts. Among those impacts are improved insulin responses and changes in hormone levels, particularly among people who already deal with… Read More »