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Tech sites hype Apple Watch for COVID-19 prediction without providing the evidence

Milwaukee oncologist Michael Thompson, MD, wrote to me yesterday morning (February 10)  about an article – “New Study Suggests Apple Watch Heart Rate Sensor Can Predict COVID-19 Up to a Week Before a Swab Test” – promoted on Twitter by MacRumors.com. The story was about the so-called Warrior Watch Study at Mount Sinai Medical Center in… Read More »

Diet without sugar or flour

The concept of cutting out flour and sugar from your diet may sound easy; however, it will require a lot of planning and label-reading. In , a physician named Dr. Peter Gott developed a diet implementing the practice of cutting out foods that have processed sugars and wheat. A subsequent book followed called No Flour,… Read More »

Keytone supplement without keto diet

In this study, ten healthy substantial scientific backing without peer-reviewed studies and consumed keto 0. Athletes and those who diet intense workouts often look for without ketone keto, and how recipes for the hcg diet performance levels via energy drinks, supplements, and energy bars. The other impediments to the long-term use of ketone supplements ways… Read More »