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The organisation's name was inspired to the sea goddess Tethysa figure of Greek mythologydaughter Iatly Uranus Tethys Model Milan Italy Gaia and wife Tethys Model Milan Italy Oceanus. The Mediterranean Sea is the modern remnant of the prehistoric Tethys Oceanwhich was named after the Greek goddess. Since the institute's headquarters have been established in the premises of Miilan Civic Aquarium of Milan, on the basis of an agreement with the City Council.

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The fieldtrip to Spain started on 6th September in Madrid, from where participants headed northwards to Aragon, where in the Iberian Ranges two days were devoted to Jurassic and one to the Palaeozoic Ordovician, Silurian, and Devonian.

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PDF, 2. This interval culminated in a regression truncated by an unconformity-paraconformity Unconformity 1. The maximum flooding interval of this unit possibly had a slight increase in biodiversity, mainly in foraminifers, algae and brachiopods.

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