What is a rotation elimination diet

By | July 2, 2020

what is a rotation elimination diet

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A few weeks ago, we discussed the impact of food sensitivities on health, metabolism, and weight. We mentioned two self-directed tests to help determine potential food reactions: the elimination diet and the four-day rotation diet. Both are more convenient and cost effective, although a bit of time, planning, and discipline is required to conduct them correctly. Here, we will explore these diets in more detail and suggest some guidelines within easy-to-follow formats. Elimination diets remove all potential food allergens for weeks and then reintroduces them one food at a time. The reintroduction phase involves eating a small portion of the selected food daily and, if there is a reaction, eliminating it again for weeks before trying it again. These symptoms typically last between a few days and a week while the body acclimates to its detoxification. Believe it or not, the repetitiveness of the American diet, primarily comprised of the most common food allergens wheat, dairy, corn, soy, peanut, etc. The four-day rotation diet entails eating specific foods one day and then not again for at least four days. This break provides ample time between food exposures to help decrease the antibody release and inflammatory response to food. An example of a four-day rotation diet looks something like this.

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